Self-Declaration on EU Timber Regulation No 995/2010 (EUTR)

This declaration is to confirm that Decortie complies with Regulation (EU) No
995/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010
laying down the obligations of operators who place timber and timber products
on the market (EUTR). In EUTR, there are three key obligations and we fulfill

1. It prohibits the placing on the EU market for the first time of illegally
harvested timber and products derived from such timber,
2. It requires EU traders who place timber products on the EU market for the
first time to exercise “due diligence”
3. Once on the market, the timber and timber products may be sold and/or
transformed before they reach the final consumer. To facilitate the
traceability of timber products, economic operators in this part of the
supply chain (referred to as traders in the regulation) have an obligation to
keep records of their suppliers and customers.

The EUTR lays down obligations for “operators” and “traders”:

Operators are individuals or legal entities who place timber or timber products
for the first time on the internal market. Operators are required to exercise “due
diligence” so as to minimize the risk of placing illegally harvested timber or
timber products containing timber of illegal origin on the EU market.
Traders are individuals or legal entities who, in the course of a commercial
activity, sell or buy on the internal market timber and/or timber products that are
already placed on the internal market (by an operator). Traders are required to
keep records of their suppliers and customers in order to make traceability of
timber or timber products possible.

For EUTR risk assessment and Due Diligence, Decortie and it’s suppliers have
FSC certificate and they all use wood from responsible and legal sources.
FSC registration code: GFA-COC-006213
FSC trademark license code : FSC-C175814