Assembling your new furniture is fun, but it can also be a headache.

Let’s make it easier for you.


We like to make it easy



Get an overview of all the components by spreading them out and sorting them at the beginning. To prevent scratches on the floor, we recommend using a large piece of cardboard or a carpet as a base. As a rule, small parts such as screws are available in sufficient quantity. However, if something is missing, we will be happy to send it to you.



Your piece of furniture is designed so that you can easily assemble it yourself. As the necessary holes are drilled and all small parts are included, you do not need any specialist knowledge for assembly. For easier assembly, we recommend using a cordless screwdriver, slotted screwdriver and, at best, a spirit level and a rubber mallet.


Fine adjustment (alignment)

Hinges, minifixes or rails. There are parts of the furniture that require special attention. To prevent shaking or want a flawless closing of the doors, accessories should added correctly. You can watch the videos below for detailed instructions and  how to do’s.

everything is great, “but”

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