Designing a Home Office

A guide to creating a comfortable and safe workspace at home

Home offices might have been just a necessary measure under quarantine restrictions, but today it is becoming an ultimate labor culture trend. Indeed, almost 40% of companies from different industries reported that their productivity had increased greatly during the Lockdown despite all expectations.

Working from home has become new normal. It changes the way people see careers and the true place of work in their lives. However, once you start working from home, it is essential to arrange a comfortable and safe workspace, where you will manage to achieve your full productivity potential without jeopardizing your life and the life of your family members.

Let`s go over some fundamental design tips for a comfortable modern home office.

Home office essentials

Once it comes to home offices, a perfect balance between design and utility is the key to success. And while the choice of color patterns and textures are pretty personal, there are certain things you should consider to create a truly comfortable workspace at home:

  • How big does the desktop have to be, and whether you need one at all;
  • What kind of office equipment you will need and how big is it;
  • Whether you need a lot of storage space;
  • Do you work with any equipment and appliance that may be potentially dangerous for children or pets who live with you.

Answering those questions will help you realize to essential things:

  • How much space do you need for your home office and whether it has to be a separate room;
  • What kind of furniture you will need for your home office.

Invest in home office furniture

There is a big difference between your home chairs and tables and office furnishing. This difference will become obvious after the very first day you try to sit at a kitchen table or armchair with your notebook for several hours straight.

Comfortable, safe, and practical furniture for your home office is not an indulgence but an investment in your health and productivity. Let`s go through the key items.

Home office desk

To choose a perfect desk for your home office, consider how much available space you have for it. No matter how big your work desk has to be and how much storage you need, there are solutions for any space.

For example, a corner desk or a desk with a curved tabletop will help you save a great deal of space in the room and get the most from the available area. Once a deck has special wire channels, it will prevent cable tangling and damage.

It might be smart to stick to clean, minimalistic work desk designs. They easily fit into any interior and minimize distractions while you work from home.

A perfect chair for a home office

Naturally, you will want your home office chair to match the overall concept of the interior. However, the working chair must remain supportive and comfortable. Do yourself a favor, and don`t sacrifice your health for the sake of fashion.

However, it does not mean that you only have to choose among standard office furniture solutions. The main idea of a chair for a home office is that it should be adjustable according to your height and comfortable enough to spend several hours in it without having back pains.

Storage unit

The main goal of home office design is to avoid destructions and create a comfortable yet functional space. And while clutter can be truly frustrating, ill-conceived storage solutions overloaded with decorative and functional details can also cause a lot of trouble.

Consider clean, minimalistic designs that are functional and capacious yet stylish and trendy. Such cabinets, shelves, and storage units will keep your home office clean and neat, helping you set a proper business model even if you stay in your pajamas through the whole working day.

Home office furniture carries a lot of functions. Besides containing your documents, appliance, and equipment, it encourages, inspires, and builds a creative and productive atmosphere. Thoughtfully designed, a home office can open you a whole range of new career opportunities, help you find the perfect balance between work and home, and give you the ultimate freedom of self-expression and professional fulfillment.