Styling Your Home Office

If you’ve recently started working from home, you might find that you need to restyle your home office to fit your current working needs. With so many home office furniture options available nowadays, it can be challenging to pick the essential items for any home office, such as an executive desk and storage cabinets. Today we’re going to share our top tips for what to consider when it comes to styling your new home office.

Assess the space available to you

The centerpiece of any good home office is the desk, so to begin with, you’ll want to consider the space you have available to you in order to select your new executive desk. If you have a desk in your office already, consider whether it is the best size for your room, or if you should switch to one that’s smaller or bigger. A rectangular desk will generally be your top option for home offices, but there are other options to consider such as P- or L-shaped desks.

Additional Furniture

While a desk will be the focal point of your home office, you’ll want to coordinate your other pieces of furniture to fit in with the theming and décor of your office. If you are doing a complete renovation, consider purchasing bookcases, filing cabinets and your chair at the same time, to ensure you have a cohesive overall aesthetic to your office.


If you think you will be working at home for the foreseeable future, you’ll probably want to find somewhere to file and store your paperwork. The best option will often be to find a desk with storage as part of the design, but if you’ve gone for a more minimalist desk, try to find a sleek filing cabinet to store your paperwork and office supplies. You’ll find that having a clear desk that’s free of clutter will create a home office environment that is much more conducive to concentrating on your work.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of home offices is so often overlooked, but did you know that colour can affect your mood and productivity levels? Choosing lighter colours for your paint and furniture can help make even the smallest offices feel more light and spacious, as opposed to spending all of your days in a dark and gloomy space. If you don’t have a natural source of light in your home office, try to find lighting that creates a natural effect and will boost your wellbeing. Specific colours, such as red and yellow, are great for providing inspiration and energy, so by adding bright coloured accents with cushions or curtains in your room, you’ll create an energizing space to spend your days in.

If you are looking for further inspiration for your home office décor, check out our home office concept rooms, which will provide you with more visual inspiration for your workspace. Creating a welcoming space to spend your days in is so essential for your wellbeing when working from home, and by making a few simple tweaks to your current setup, you can create a space that you’ll enjoy spending your days in.